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 We started Nocturnal Comics in 2020, with the intention of bringing some of our stories to life.

Our first story, “Nocturnal,” is based upon an idea that we created around 2012.  Dan was given the task of coming up with a short story for a compilation book, so he said “why don’t we do a vampire thing.”  Okay… sounds good…..

Dan got in touch with Gilbert Monsanto, with whom we had worked at Avalon Studios (Hellcop, Tales of the Darkness etc.) and they did a promo piece (just below).  Cool piece, but I really didn’t want to do Twilight part 2, so I came up with a bit of an adventure.. let’s see if I can recount it, as I don’t have the script anymore:

Basically, our hero, Gil, receives a mysterious letter, which sets him on a journey to another world.  He travels north, just short of the Fortress of Solitude, and there, he finds… the Nocturnal city.

The city, for me, was always the real impetus of the story… a city bathed in eternal darkness… a cross between Dickensian London and Blade Runner.  The Nocturnal city is thoroughly infested with Vampires, fiends and every sort of dark creature imaginable… in some ways, it’s a dark version of Alice in Wonderland.

In any case, several years later, some elements remain, but a lot has changed.

Updates can be found at our Facebook page.

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